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Sick of Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Paul Calandra's non-answers and dodges in question period? Skip it and instead just ask him your own questions below! You'll get clear, very clear, and totally authentic Calandra answers right from the House of Commons! Did we mention the answers will be clear?

Go ahead, give it a try!...clear.

UPDATE: Uhoh! Looks like Paul isn't allowed to handle certain questions anymore! Can you find Pierre Poilievre?

Note: currently uses flash and therefor may not be supported on your mobile device/tablet. We're working on it.

Not happy with the answers Mr. Calandra is giving you here, or in the House of Commons? Send him an email at or click here to find the email for your own Member of Parliament!

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not unheard of for the CPC to capture emails and add them to their online database/email list without permission. In fact, it happened to me when I emailed my MP, Stella Ambler, to request a report. Depite requesting removal multiple times, I still receive unwanted CPC emails. So BE WARNED. It might be a better choice to call!

Riding Office: (905) 640 - 1125
Ottawa Office: (613) 992 - 3640
Toll-free: 1 (866) 341 - 0004

Don't forget to tune into Question Period on CPAC to see all of Mr. Calandra's antics. Check your local listings or watch online at

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